Print version

The print version of TattooPointer


The print version is the first of its kind for Belgian tattoo artists and piercers. It provides an opportunity for artists to showcase their work by purchasing a page in the ultimate guide.

Therefore this is not just any guide; each page is designed according to artists’ preferences and gives a clear picture of their talent.

Registered Belgian tattoo and piercing artists are easily found by customers in the printed version of TattooPointer.

TattooPointer is a platform for talented artists and industry insights. As a result, the printed version captures the passion of tattoo and piercing art by exploring every corner of Belgium.

It’s all about the art and culture of tattoos


Firstly for tattoo and piercing artists, this is a way to connect and inspire customers. Acknowledging that marketing can be a hard thing to do, TattooPointer comes to help. The main goal of the platform and the guide is to give artists equal marketing opportunities. Meanwhile, users and readers can easily discover the specific artist they seek.

Moreover, our goal is to show global tattoo and piercing arts, techniques, styles and stories behind the artists in future editions.

The first print version will be launched in August 2024.



Firstly, TattooPointer boosts your visibility, helping more people to discover your art. Joining the guide means that the right audience notices you and increases your recognition. With TattooPointer, potential clients will find your work and immediately recognize you as the perfect fit for them. That’s what we’re all about – connecting people with your unique style and ensuring they remember you.


Above all, TattooPointer celebrates all types of tattoo and piercing art. Whether you’ve got a special style or a mix of designs, this book is where you shine. Identify yourself in the guide! In other words, let Belgium know who you are and what you’re about. It will also show that you are a legit artist. We will help you showcase your work, no matter what style you use. This is your chance to be seen!


In addition, TattooPointer is like a map that leads people straight to you. With this platform and guide customers can find you quicker and easier. To clarify, make it easy for people to find you, searching for the right tattoo and piercing artist can take a long time. Join the guide!